With reach to diverse inventory and audiences of over a billion users a day we are capable of acquiring users almost anywhere globally. Thanks to our know-how and technology along with dedicated 24/7 optimisation experts across Canada, Israel, Singapore and India we are able to acquire high quality users for your brand and content services worldwide. With our network of direct publishers and a dedicated team for programmatic media buying enables us to help you make faster & better decisions while maximizing your revenues.


Your KPIs Our Priority

Quality Installs

Generate valid Sales

Customer acquisition � Registration and Engagement

For us, installing your app or subscribing to your content is only a starting point, we take regular feedback and deliver measurable post-install actions that matter most to you like Engagement and High Return on your Ad Spend (ROAS), Strong LTV and high Retention Rates. We drive results by reaching out to precise audiences with the required geographical and demographic targeting. With 3X more conversions using technologies such as Lookalike Modelling, in-house AI and ML technology, remarketing, frequency ROI modelling, you can reach out to quality audiences who are likely to consume your service month after month.

Fraud Free

We combat fraud at every level with a blend of dedicated team of experts and technology.

Suspicious activity from the inventory suppliers is monitored for Click Injection, Click Spamming, fake installs, Device Type, Device Language, Out of GEO installs, Anomalies in the campaign's conversion rate data , Successive timestamps from the same IP address for the performance action required within a timeframe, Blocking of Suspicious IP address and VPN Proxy IP addresses.

We randomly test the inventory supply from the publishers and kill fraud at the root level. We also work with Protected Media, one of the top fraud detection tech companies globally Most of our clients work closely with us to and are transparent, as they understand we will only help them to save against the fraud menace.

TAG Certified Company

We are a TAG Certified company ( ) . TAG is the only Global Association of Top Ad tech companies who are committed to eliminate fraudulent digital advertising traffic, combating malware, and proactively invest in various tools and participate in working groups and committees across to clean our eco system of fraud.


As a Supply Side Platform (SSP) we buy inventory from our Publishers (1000s of Apps and Mobile Websites) over SDK, Header bidding, APIs, TAGs directly. When you buy inventory from someone who is an SSP, you save the costs of additional layers of Ad Exchanges and DSPs.

For growing demand � we also buy traffic from major DSP's and buy direct In-App publishers inventory via SDK either on CPM or CPI model and optimize it further.

Some of the most amazing brands we acquire high quality users