With our Supply side platform Motionspots and Demand side platform Vola, reach out to your target users on their favourite sites and apps via display banner, rich media ads, and Video Ads. Our platforms targeting options include, demographics, device, location and remarketing.


Target the right audience for your campaigns

Target one billion global consumers across all screens and formats, with our unique global inventory that can be purchased via programmatic guaranteed, direct private marketplace deals, or the exchange.

A complete set of capabilities for managing campaigns including media planning, execution, creative management, audience-targeting and reporting in a unified manner.

Targeting done through the audience segregation in our DMP enables us to deliver huge budget Campaigns with KPIs.�

Contemporary and transparent auctions enable buyers to remain successful in a first-priced, header bidding setup, thus maximizing audience engagement and revenue.

Connect with premium buyers

We design custom tools as per each partner's unique goals to improve the monetization potential of your App and Web properties.

We provide our publishers complete control over their entire advertising with superior customer support and dedicated Performance Analysis of real time data.

Our AI based platform empowers publishers with independence to access our unique demand stack comprising our partner advertisers and agencies, while adhering to a strict commitment to transparency and quality.

We support flexible integration options via tags, header bidding, SDK, API, Open RTB across verticals on integrated business models across Display, Native and Video advertising.

Solution for Exchanges

Our global programmatic ad marketplace for publishers is where premium digital media companies execute ad impressions in real-time with complete transparency.

We provide custom integrations for demand partners' needs, with 24x7 business support, advanced targeting and dedicated service.�

We support Programmatic Direct buying and header bidding relationships for a greater audience reach.

Our In-house Exchange real time bidding (RTB) technology helps you monetize your audience for a greater profit on impressions through a cost effective, multi-channel reach, ensuring Brand safety all throughout.

Assured safety in buying and selling.

With our Supply side platform Motionspots and Demand side platform Vola we enable display banner, rich media ads, and Video Ads inventory buy. Our platforms targeting options include, demographics, device, location and remarketing.

TAG Certified Against Fraud : In our pursuit of combating the negative impact of fraudulent traffic across the digital advertising supply chain, we have joined forces with TAG and have been awarded the Certified against Fraud Seal. Receiving this certification means we are committed to eliminating fraud by following strict guidelines some of which include IP blacklisting, complying with the Media Rating Council's invalid traffic detection and filtration requirements, and implementing payment ID systems

Ads.txt support - We were one of the early adopters of IAB's ads.txt implementation drive to improve transparency in programmatic advertising.

Sellers.json support -� Enables our buyers to have a complete visibility into each step a bid request takes in between themselves and the end-publisher, enabling DSPs to make better buying decisions for their clients.

Some of the most amazing brands we acquire high quality users