Performance Marketing

Appsflyer released their annual Performance Index for top Performance Growth Companies and Collectcent ranked #9 for India Subscontinent. Appsflyer ranking is based not only on factors such as service delivery and technology but on the ability to deliver high quality user acquisition, measured by user engagement and overall lifetime value.

At its core, Collectcent offers Programmatic and Performance advertising through Banner, Video and Native channels across Mobile, Desktop and Connected TV environments. For Publisher the diverse range of integration options including RTB, Header Bidding, API and SDK, enabling fast turnaround based on their preferences and requirements. Understanding how this ranking was achieved and how Collectcent intends on not only maintaining its status but rising is very clear.

Leading With Technology

In an industry that's constantly adapting, having a proprietary technology backbone isn't just a USP anymore, it's a critical success factor. Collectcent's AI and Big data led platform helps global brands achieve their marketing performance goals by running campaigns on direct app and media buying inventory not only on CPM model , but a range of performance models like CPI, CPE and CPA, otherwise available only on a CPM model with other service providers.

The platform enables brands to meet various performance KPIs, increasing the lifetime value of their acquired customers by optimizing spend and cutting back on losses. AI led optimization engine records, analyses and classifies user's data on a variety of factors such as, users' interests, preferences, demographics, IP, location, access time, device, browser, OS, and Mobile Network to name a few. The result of data driven optimization - is more personalized and hyper-targeted ad serving, continuously being refined by the companies DMP and AI algorithms. Achieving performance by presenting end users with the most relevant ads for them.

Brand Safety

In addition to technology being a core competency, and an expert team of experienced professionals, who understand the nuances and needs of partners across multiple industries - Brand Safety is at the heart of Collectcent's delivery, with technology stack including long standing partnerships with a range of anti-fraud platforms, including TAG, Protected Media and Everflow.